The Beatitudes.  Music by Kevin G. Pace and text by Mary Ann W. Snowball. 

YouTube video: Great Shall Be Rewards in Heaven, SATB choir

Have you ever wondered how to have a really happy life? In Matthew 5-7 in The New Testament and in 3 Nephi 12-14 in The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, our Savior teaches us the way to contentment and happy living through The Beatitudes. These gems of Christian living were taught by Jesus as the initial part of the most well-known of his teachings called The Sermon on the Mount.

The word “beatitude” comes from the Latin “beatitudo” meaning “blessedness.” Each of the eight beatitudes in this book consists of two phrases: the condition and the result. Together, these illustrate a set of ideals focusing on love and humility, echoing the highest of Jesus’ teachings on spirituality and compassion. Each also promises a future reward, and the themes appear to escalate from beginning to advancing levels of responsibility and spirituality as the Sermon progresses. By the end of the Sermon a recipient would have earned the reward to stand ceremonially in the presence of God, and to ultimately gain the greatest reward of living with Him in heaven.

The purpose of this book is to praise our Lord through song and text, rejoicing in the gifts we receive from Him as we do as He suggests. Please enjoy this collection of original solos, SATB choral renditions, and a duet, along with a short text explaining each beatitude in the order our Savior spoke them so many years ago as part of the greatest sermon ever given, our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount! It was a joy to prepare them for you. Happy Living!

Table of Contents:

Narration: The Beatitudes
Within Our Reach, SATB Choir
Narration: Beatitude No. 1 - Poor in Spirit
When Will He Rescue Me?, Vocal Solo
Theirs Is the Kingdom of Heaven, SATB Choir
Are We Not All Beggars?, SATB Choir
Narration: Beatitude No. 2 - Mourn
Make Me Whole, Vocal Solo
Make Me Whole, Vocal Duet
He Comforts Me, Vocal Solo
Man of Sorrows, SATB Choir
Narration: Beatitude No. 3 - Meek
Seek the Lord in Meekness, SATB Choir
Walk in God’s Meekness, SATB Choir
Narration: Beatitude No. 4 - Hunger and Thirst
Come Thirsting To My Well, Tenor Solo
He Is My Gardener, Vocal Solo
Narration: Beatitude No. 5 - Merciful
Look Into Another’s Heart, Vocal Solo
Blessed Are the Merciful, Vocal Solo
Merciful Savior, Redeemer, SATB Choir
Narration: Beatitude No. 6 - Pure in Heart
In God's Holy Presence, Vocal Solo
Blessed Are the Pure in Heart, Vocal Solo
Narration: Beatitude No. 7 - Peacemakers
Our Savior's Peace, Vocal Solo
Peace Comes From Heaven, Vocal Solo
Lean On the Lord, SATB Choir
Narration: Beatitude No. 8 - Persecuted
Peacemakers Are God's Children, SATB Choir
Blessed Are the Persecuted, SATB Choir
Suffer In the Savior’s Name, SATB Choir
Great Shall Be Rewards in Heaven, SATB Choir
Narration: Summary

Composer Kevin G. Pace (ASCAP)
Lyricist Mary Ann W. Snowball
Genre(s) Sacred choral music Sacred vocal solo
# of Pages 190

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The Beatitudes, 24 Sacred Songs Celebrating The Beatitudes Through Music and Narration

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